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Simple, fun and effective workouts for all levels and abilities, to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.
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Hazel Ashleen

Fitness Trainer, Founder

Hello, my name is Hazel. I am a Zumba and Strong Nation instructor, and on my way to becoming a qualified level 3 Personal Trainer.

I love choreographing, teaching and investigating how to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Form and technique are very important to me, so I hope you will feel guided throughout the workouts.

Most of all, I hope you enjoy moving and celebrating what your body can do, whatever your level or ability! 


Workout anytime, anywhere

I have designed the workouts on the website for you to do anytime and anywhere.

No equipment is required and I hope you will find the sessions fun as well as effective. 

Thanks for being here with me, let's work together towards a healthier and fitter you.

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